Sunday, September 12, 2010

Baby Booties

It must be in the water. I have two cousins that are both expecting in early 2011.  I'm super excited for them.  As anyone with kids realizes, life changes in ways that you can never prepare for.  You think you know what you're getting into, but you really don't.

Warning - This is a little demented, but one of my favorite "types" of people to spy on are first-time mothers.  I think about what they are doing at that moment - maybe they are riding the train and quietly sipping tea, or going on a date with their husband, or watching a movie with friends - and I think about how those moments will never be the same for them again.  Date night becomes time to catch up on sleep, watching a movie turns into Elmo on TV, riding on the train becomes rushing around to get the kids to school.  Yes - the change is worth it (when the kids laugh my heart leaps!) - but would we all have made the leap if we fully knew how different life would be?

If you are my cousins, please stop reading.  I digress - I have been searching high and low for baby booties I want to knit.  Below is a style I'm thinking of but am afraid it's a little too girly for boy babies...I better decide soon - I'll be knitting for 6 feet (one cousin is having twins!)

Also - I've listed some great items on Ebay (take a look).  The picture below is of one of my favorite tops, it no longer fits correctly so I hope it goes to a good home!

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